The Linda Young Legacy Fund

Q. What is the Legacy Campaign?

A. The Legacy Campaign is in honor of Welcome House’s Executive Director for over 21 years, Linda Young. Linda announced in April, 2016 that she will be retiring as Welcome House Executive Director in the summer of 2017. With that being said, community leaders, staff, and funders alike stepped forward to lead the charge in spearheading The Linda Young Legacy Fund. This campaign is charged with raising $2.5million to support the continuum of services and housing implemented at Welcome House under Linda’s leadership. The goal of the campaign is to use contributions made to expand Welcome House affordable housing efforts in the future and to sustain the continuum of care Welcome House provides.

Q. What is the time frame and goal of the Campaign?

A. The Legacy Campaign began in April 2016 and will continue through April 2017. Contributions made can be made within either year. Additionally, pledges have been accepted from organizations and donors who have already allocated their 2016 budget.

Q. What is the need in our community? And what impact will the Legacy Campaign have?

A. In support of our mission, we offer a continuum of services and housing. This continuum allows us as an organization to meet our clients where they are in their journey and move them toward stability. We are conscious of the changing landscape and emerging needs within our community. To afford a two-bedroom, market-rate apartment, a single mother with two children would have to be working 40 hours a week making $14.46 an hour to afford their housing costs. Through years of experience, we have seen the growing need for affordable housing. In fact, for every four households living in extreme to low income, only one household will have access to affordable housing. As needs such as these continue to grow, Welcome House works to move clients toward stability. However, without affordable housing, this goal cannot be accomplished. The issue becomes cyclical.

In 2015, Welcome House served over 1,200 households with both services and housing, of which children accounted for 30% of this population. Welcome House focuses on the continuum of services and housing as a way to move the homeless and low-income population toward stability. As a part of this continuum, we have recently expanded our efforts in developing affordable housing. Welcome House currently provides 94 units of affordable housing in Covington.

As Welcome House works to transition into the next phase of her history, we hope to establish the necessary financial support to ensure we can move forward in continuing to implement the continuum of services and housing that has been put into place through our collective years of hard work, while also focusing on development of additional housing.

Contributions made to the Linda Young Legacy Fund will be placed in a Welcome House, Board of Directors restricted, account. Gifts made toward this fund will be used to continue in Welcome House’s effort of sustainability and ending homelessness through our continuum; with the ultimate goal of providing more affordable housing for those in need in our community.

Through Linda’s experience and Welcome House’s history of doing this work, we have seen that we cannot stabilize individuals and families, help them gain employment, or expand their education without first helping them to obtain affordable housing. This then allows them to focus on the other pressing needs and barriers in their life to move to even greater stability.

We know that providing housing alone is not enough to combat poverty and its effects. This is not just about bricks and mortar. Supportive services coupled with affordable housing promotes stability for individuals and families facing diverse challenges. Welcome House is not your typical landlord. Stability and a sense of belonging changes lives – especially for children. That is our focus. This foundation of stability provides the ability for adults to concentrate on work and providing for their families while children get the education they deserve. Welcome House is the safety-net for the community’s most vulnerable population. Our goal is to end homelessness. By doing so, the positive impact is generational.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. You can help by spreading the word and reaching out to your networks. Additionally, Legacy committee members would be more than happy to meet to talk through opportunities. Support of the Legacy campaign can also be provided through a financial contribution by individuals and/or companies/organizations. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Welcome House to schedule a tour and talk through the campaign further.

For any further questions or follow up on the Legacy Campaign, contact Kelly Rose, Development & Marketing Director at 859.431.8717 or email,


Welcome House would like to thank our Legacy Campaign committee members:

Julie Tapke Dusing, Chair

Melissa Bradley

Helen Carroll

Emily Hanna

Jason Payne

Angie Taylor