Welcome House Outreach

WH-whoWelcome House Outreach, also referred to as the WHO, has been an auxiliary fundraising committee for Welcome House since 1990.

The WHO organizes and hosts the annual Summer Sunday event held the first Sunday in August and the WHO Shower thrown in April. The committee is comprised of approximately thirty women who donate their time and energy toward making these events and their volunteer work successful. In addition to their event support, the WHO also volunteers monthly by making a meal for the women and children in our shelter and contributes frequently to our in-kind donation efforts.

In 2015, the WHO will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with Welcome House! They have been a strong source of support over the years and we are extremely thankful for their consistent support. If you are interested in joining the WHO, please contact Kelly Rose at 859.431.8717 or krose@welcomehouseky.org.


WHO Members

  • Allison Arnold
  • Shawn Baker
  • Amanda Bennett
  • Laura Canter
  • Louise Canter
  • Cindy Carl
  • Jennifer Corts
  • Ellen Creaghead
  • Karen Daugherty
  • Valerie Dyas
  • Juanita Griffin
  • Dana Griffin-MacKinder
  • Elizabeth Heist
  • Ann Hemmer
  • Pat Hemmer
  • Debra Henley
  • Shannon Hill
  • Becky Hood
  • Allison Kennedy
  • June Kocis
  • Melissa Moore
  • Karen Smith
  • Gabrielle Summe
  • Stacy Tapke
  • Alicia Webb-Edginton
  • Lynn Wurtz
  • Jean Zeck
  • Jennifer Zimmerman