Current Need: Bottled Water

During these hot summer months, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. You might not remember until the effects start to hit you and you realize you’re dehydrated. Now imagine realizing you’re dehydrated, but not having any water when you need it most.

For those of us who avoid extreme temperatures by staying inside our temperature-controlled homes, heat-related illness isn’t something we can easily imagine. Summer heat is more detrimental to homeless individuals than the cold of winter, due to the high risk of dehydration. The suggested daily water intake for an adult is 64 ounces, 34 ounces for children. To avoid dehydration, one must replace the water that is lost each day.

Providing clean drinking water to homeless families and individuals can save lives. Whether you pick up an extra case of water to donate next time you’re at the store, or host a donation drive bringing in a truckload of water, you’re making a significant difference in the lives of those most in need amid these extreme summer temperatures.

If you’d like to donate bottled water, you can bring your donation to our 205 W. Pike St. location by July 31. If you have any questions, or need guidance on how you can host a donation drive, you can email Sara Kahmann at, or call at 859.431.8717.