Current Need: 15 Slow Cookers

Hunger, such a strong and sad word, how can that possibly be in a country as rich as ours? Yet too many people experience it every day, many times just  because they do not have the knowledge to make their meager assets stretch for an entire month in order to feed both them and their families.

Families like Karen and Mark, who never really learned to cook and instead rely on the high fat, high salt content of frozen foods. This couple have severe health problems,  if they knew how to cook healthier, it would open a whole new world for them.

Single moms and dads, who are trying to raise a family, go to school and also work find it impossible to make healthy meals. Simply because they do not have the tools or information to do so.

Many people work and raise a family on their own, when they get home it is just too much work to try to get a healthy meal together, however if the chicken was put in the slow cooker along with some vegetables before the person went to work, dinner would be ready when they got home.  A variety of stews and chili can also be made. Almost anything can be cooked in a slow cooker, all it takes is a little bit of confidence and some information on what to cook and what seasonings to add. Another secret about slow cookers is that you can take an inexpensive ‘tough’ piece of meat and make it tender and delicious in a crock pot.

Welcome House is hosting a cooking program to teach clients how to cook  healthier meals on a budget with a slow cooker. We need 15 more slow cookers to host the class.

If you’d like to donate slow cookers for this program, you can bring your donation to our 205 W. Pike St. location by July 31. If you have any questions, you can email Sara Kahmann at, or call at 859.431.8717.